Given exchange isn’t reliable on calendar how can I use can iPhone, blackberry, iCal on mac, outlook on pc against googles backend mail, contacts and calendar.

First off since last year google has done all the work to allow exchange replacement. It is a mess to figure out and I’m sure there r many bugs. Bemut here is how to convert.

1. For calendar, sync entourage to iCal with entourage selecting sync preferences.
2. Export iCal calendar. It us an ics file
3. Import into google calendar.

For contacts.

1. Sync entourage to nac addressbook via preferences/sync/to address book

2. In addressbook choose o
Preferences google and this eventually sinks all.

Now both contact and calendar is in.

1. If u have iCal then set it up to in preferences/ caldav/ so u can see gcal.

2 do same for iPhone by picking right activesync server.

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