Canon MX700 will not run over LAN on Snow Leopard


Sigh, although the MX700 drivers are included in OS X 10.6, they didn’t include the special drivers that Canon uses for use over the internet, so you have to download the IJ Network Utility from the Canon site and then the key is wait a little in the Add Printer dialog. See below…

Apple – Support – Discussions – Network Printing to Canon MP and MX …

f you have a Canon MP or MX printer and you are having trouble adding it as a network printer, then try the workaround below. Other MP and MX owners had found this successful and in testing I also found this a simple workaround, compared to some of the workarounds in this forum.

Like has been said already, the MP/MX device is appearing in the Add Printer view as a Bonjour Scanner, and if you add it you can scan fine over the network. But the network printer part of the AIO does not display in the Default browser view.

Apple – Support – Discussions – Network Printing to Canon MP and MX …

After testing I have confirmed that by installing an older version of the Canon CUPS driver on 10.6, the necessary network protocols are now present, allowing you to add the printer. Note that installing the older version does not replace the v10.19.0 that is included with 10.6 (provided you customize the install and select Additional Drivers) but it does add several plugins, including the ‘canonijnetwork’ transport plugin. With this plugin installed, the network printer now appears after several seconds in the Default view, with the Printer Name as MP/MXxxx (00.00.85.xx.xx.xx) and the Kind as canonijnetwork.

Apple – Support – Discussions – Network Printing to Canon MP and MX …

This is the workaround.

1. Download the Canon ‘CUPS’ driver for the respective model of MP or MX printer. The CUPS driver typically has a version number of 10.x.x.
2. Run the installer and restart when prompted.
3. Open System Preferences > Print & Fax and click to Add ( + )
4. Select the Default browser view. You will probably see the printer listed with its Kind as Bonjour Scanner. Do not select this. Just wait a bit longer and eventually you should see the printer appear with its MAC address in brackets and the Kind as canonijnetwork
5. Select this entry and ensure the Print Using menu changes to Canon model series
6. Click Add to complete

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  1. Your blog post is appreciated, as it’s a good resource for the topic of Snow Leopard & the MX700.

    However, the title is misleading, and detrimental to those searching for this topic, as it’s the first google result when searching for “mx700 snow leopard”.

  2. Good point. I changed the title to be more accurate. It is too bad though it needs this reinstall hack just to get the funky Canon network drivers.

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