Calvin finally had me have a look at the Xbox 360. As usual, buying these things is incredibly confusing. There is the Xbox 360 and then the Pro and Elite versions. And of course the new Jasper chipset I sure hope that the model I ordersed from Newegg today is Jasper. Apparently you can check to see if the manufacturing date is August 2008. So beware. It is sad that companies have to do this kind of thing. Obviously lots of excess Xbox inventory around.

Whats the difference between different xbox models? – The Game Forum

The console is same in all the models. Accessories are different. Like in elite model you get HDTV cable, Hard disk, wireless controllers

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The Xbox 360 Arcade[18] is the entry level for the Xbox 360. On October 23, 2007, it replaced the “Xbox 360 Core” and maintained the price of $199. It incluees HDMI output and 5 xBox Live Arcide titles. Xbox 360 Console: Video Games

I purchased this Xbox from amazon, they shipped me a console with the old Falcon chipset and a manufacturer date of early 2008. BE WARNED THE “NEWEST VERSION” tag IS FALSE. I called amazon, and they shipped me a replacement which was also a old Falcon chipset still manufactured in early 2008. Just so it is clear, if you order this from Amazon you are NOT GETTING THE NEW VERSION despite how it is listed here. This version “The falcon chipset” is prone to the red ring of death error, and I would reccomend you stay away from it and go buy a console from a physical store. After talking with amazon, it was evident they did not understand the difference between the chipsets and didn’t understand that what they were selling was not the newest version by any means. The customer service individual i spoke with assured me they would remove the “Newest Version” tag after I pointed out the error, but chances are that it will not be removed.

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