Two weeks of use for three bluetooth devices, get the Motorokr T505


OK, got three bluetooth things and after two weeks here is where they are:

  1. Motorokr T505. This thing is amazing. It is a hockey puck that you put in your car. Seems to have a really long battery and is an incredibly good speakerphone. I don’t know how they do it, but it sounds good as a speaker, Then if you push a funky magic button on the back, it finds a free FM station. In Seattle, it is nearly impossible to find a free station (101.9 seems the best), but otherwise it is wonderful. Also does stereo Bluetooth, so you can play your iPhone through it. Highly recommended. Biggest weakness is that you have to remember to take it out of your car to charge it. Not very natural. I finally just snaked a long USB cable to it.
  2. Blueants Q1. Wow, this is really loud and high quality sound unlike the really hard to hear Jawbone 2. The foam earplug works really well in isolating noise and fitting (again unlike the Jawbone 2 which falls out and whose wire earloop is always breaking, plus, it doesn’t have that gigantic hangup button which means whenever you adjust the Jawbone, it falls out). The main problem is that it is super delicate. When I took it out and stuck it in my pocket, the earplug part cracked and thus a useless $80 device. Also, it has an incredibly wierd and non-standard USB plug, so dont lose the charging cable. 
  3. Plantronics Voyager Pro. If you want to look like a complete geek wear this thing. It is literally the size of a gigantic ear ring. The sound quality is good but more importantly, it doesn’t break.

Net, net, I’m using the Motorokr T505 for all my cars, it is that convenient. As for a good in-the-ear, I have not found it yet. I realize I’m probably frying my brain, but the Q1 is good, but I just don’t like leaving the thing in the ear all the time and it is too delicate for my horrible throw it in a bag.

You can get the Motorokr T505 for $50 from Tech for less according to Google Shopping

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