Apple hits again

Cool product intros today in order of coolness:

  • $1000 MacBook is polycarbonate but with glass LED screen and 7 hour battery. Man, what else makes sense to get 
  • Magic Mouse now has a multitouch interface like the iPod Touch and iPhone. Cool gestures
  • iMac 27″ now has the Intel i5 which of course has 4 cores (shouldn’t it be the i4???). It is a desktop processor. Also, the 27″ can also be a monitor for an Macbook now as well. So great as a desktop.
  • Mac mini can be a real server with 2x500GB drives

The only real miss here is a minor update to the Time Capsule. Without a removable drive or a replaceable power supply the thing is pretty much useless.

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Apple’s total market capitalization is currently approximately $186 billion, placing the company behind only Exxon Mobil, Microsoft, and Wal-Mart in market cap rankings of American companies

2 responses to “Apple hits again”

  1. rich Avatar

    Yeah, the Time Capsule just isn’t that robust, Keith. I agree, it is a little flaky on reconnections I’ve found. The main issue with the Time Capsule is that the most vulnerable components, the hard drive and the power supply are builtin which is too bad.

    I wish the Macs would come with Bluray overall I agree.

  2. keithlogan Avatar

    Time Capsule – I’ve tried hanging USB disks off of mine and it’s not very robust. Trying to centralize iTunes library – iTunes and file sharing themselves are not very robust either (autoreconnect is poor). Otherwise TC is great.

    I’m still waiting for Mac mini with Blu-Ray for movies & EyeTV…

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