I have one of these things but never really used it that much. Mainly because TiVo Transfer is very buggy on the Mac and it is hard to program because you have to be right there. Some solutions for both. TiVo Transfer is replaced by iTiVo and i.TV lets you program your TiVo remotely.

TiVo Blog – Part 2

i.TV (iTunes link) has gone ahead and announced a new version of their media centric iPhone/iPod touch application (v2.0 is currently under review by Apple and will be available soon). Normally I don’t mention iPhone related news on this site however, i.TV 2.0 now allows you to turn your iPhone into a TiVo remote. Unlike other mobile applications that offer this feature, i.TV is to the best of my knowledge the first mobile TiVo remote that has been acknowledge by TiVo Inc. As mentioned before, i.TV also allows you to schedule recordings on your TiVo via their built-in guide data. This feature is similar to what you get via TiVo’s mobile website however, it really is nice to have this capability built into an application that includes so many other features.

TiVoToGo Software Roundup (Transfer Recordings To Your PC or Mac) | TiVo Blog

Looking for a TiVo To Go client for your Mac, Windows or Linux box? Look no further than this post. Let me know if I’m missing a client from this list like:

  • Galleon whichFeatures include: automatically downloads recordings from your TiVo using keywords.
  • iTiVo is Mac front-end that downloads shows to your mac and convert them to h.264 etc.

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