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Today we learned that new iPhones were found using apps with tracking software in the San Francisco area. The news is not surprising since the same thing has happened around this time of year for the past few years. This is the traditional time that Apple starts testing new iPhone hardware for release in summer.

What is interesting about today’s information is that the new iPhone hardware is denoted as 3,1.

Former iPhones were labelled like this:

* OG iPhone= 1,1
* iPhone3G = 1,2
* iPhone 3GS= 2,1
* iPhone(PA Semi?) = 3,1

The iPhone 3G wasn’t a big upgrade from the original iPhone, hence only the point upgrade in the hardware code number. While it did add a 3G radio and GPS, the processor was still the ARM 11-based Samsung chip that was also used in the original iPod Touches.

The 3GS hardware upgrade was a different processor entirely. While Samsung was still the supplier, it was now a ARM Cortex A8 based unit that provides the massive speed gains in the new iPhone 3GS hardware (and new iPod touches).

Will we see even more speed in the next iPhone?

The 3,1 moniker indicates that the new iPhone hardware is a significant upgrade from the iPhone 3GS -perhaps one with a processor from PA Semi. Apple bought PA Semi two years ago. Steve Jobs previously told the New York Times , “PA Semi is going to do system-on-chips for iPhones and iPods.”

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