So sad when a company tries to defend itself. Much better to say, we are working hard to do a better job and to actually do a better job. For myself, the idea of a universal chipset that does CDMA or 3G would be great as would be using Verizon.

The sad thing about coverage in the US, is that none of the carriers allow roaming. A simple fix would be to roam to T-Mobile, but that isn’t in the cards. Sad because it would really help customer issues. They are very real for AT&T.

AppleInsider | ‘Fake Steve Jobs’ vs. AT&T’s real-life phone service

As recently as this week, AT&T has been sending marketing text messages to its customers, notifying them when new cellular towers are installed in an area to boost reception. The company has been attempting to combat months of bad publicity that has centered on criticism of its network’s performance since the launch of the iPhone 3GS.

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