If you still have CDs


See Final Mac Ripping Workflow | Tongfamily Website as it is still the best way to get a high quality MP3 encoding on your Mac. You basically use a free tool called iTunes-LAME instead of iTunes itself and then you use two widgets Harmonic to find lyrics and Amazon Art Finder to find album art. The main problem is that Harmonic seems to fail much more at finding lyrics now. Don’t know why. And Amazon Art finder now costs $15 🙁

I also us nlyric, but this really only works well when I’m in China. The servers must be closer 🙂

Softonic has a list of free ones with Lyrics Via LyricWiki 2.3 (discontinued) and
Album Artwork Assistant 2.5
being the most downloaded. The Album Artwork Assistant is a real app that basically is doing google image searches for you. So it works more quickly than scrolling through each song.

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