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Songbird, the open source, Mozilla-powered, supposedly iTunes-killing
media player has updated to 1.4.2, bringing a host of new features,
including AAC metadata support, a new feather (skin), CD ripping, and
support for many mass storage devices.

Apart from the
snazzy new purple feather, the biggest features in this release are
definitely CD ripping and mass storage syncing (both available as
add-ons for 1.4.2 by the Songbird team). The CD ripping tool can look
up metadata information on Gracenote (or other services if you prefer,
via other add-ons) and can rip songs as FLAC, OGG, or, if you’re using
Windows, as WMA as well. In addition, Songbird can now sync to more
than just iPods—you can now sync any MSC (Mass Storage Class)
device, as well as manage firmware on certain devices. Both CD ripping
and MSC support, though, are currently only available for Windows
users—Linux and Mac users will have to wait until at least the
next release to test them out. Download Songbird.

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