Anyone else confused by United booking codes?

The order is defined in United’s contract of carriage.
* First class: F, P, A
* Business class: C, D, Z
* Coach class: Y, B, M, E, U, H, Q, V, W, S, T, K, L, G

Booking Classes (UA) – FlyerGuide Wiki

By alphabetical order

* A = Discounted Fare First Class. Round The World First is booked in this class.
* B = Almost Full Fare Economy with minimal restrictions – also used Star * RTW
* C = Full Fare Unrestricted Business Class
* D = Discounted Fare Business – used also on all “Business” Class Star RTW fares
* E = ‘Ted’ and some low web/discount fares from early 2005. Now officially elevated to above H class!
* F = Full Fare Unrestricted First Class
* G = Travel Industry Economy Class fares
* H = Higher level Economy Class with few restrictions. Some “RTW” coach is H
* I = Business Class Upgrade class from Economy (Better known as ‘NC’ class)
* K = Seasonal Economy Promotional Fares/Reduced Fare Gov’t contract etc
* L = Discount Fare Economy with a lot of restrictions
* M = Almost Full Fare Economy with few restrictions
* N = Economy Class AWARD TICKET (Better known as ‘XY’ class)
* O = Business Class AWARD TICKET (Better known as ‘XC’ class)
* P = Premium USA Transcon First Class on 3 classers
* Q = Discount Economy with moderate restrictions. (Bereavement tix are in Q)
* R = First Class AWARD TICKET (Better known as ‘XF’ class)
* S = Real Lowball coach with lot of restrictions. Reports that some are not mile earning ex UK/Brazil etc.
* T = Heavy discount Fare Economy – often with a lot of restrictions
* U = Showed up Nov/03 as booking class for “TED” also in mid 2005 a high level mainline class!
* V = Discount Fare Economy often with a lot of restrictions
* W = Discount Fare Economy often with many restrictions
* X = First Class UPGRADE AWARD from paid Business* (Better known as ‘NF’)
* Y = Full Fare unrestricted Economy class
* Z = Heavily discounted Business Class – generally NOT “legally” upgradeable.

( * = Applies to THREE class equipment. In TWO class equipment, upgrading from coach to First is also in “NF” class. Two class aircraft [at present!] only run on North American routes. “Two class upgrades” are officially not allowed for paying pax – i.e. nothing one can do – whether with miles, and/or coupons of any kind will “officially” take you from paid coach to First on a THREE class aircraft.)
[edit] By pecking order

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