Latest notes on how to get the most mileages. Wow how confusing, but here is the latest on mileage optimization:

1. If you stay at any Hyatt brand hotels, you can double dip. Get both Hyatt and United miles and if you sign up, you get 3000 miles for every stay. That’s worth $30 (at 3 cents per ile!). But you have to sign up on the hyatt site and you have to give your United mileage number when you stay.

United has four levels of Visa cards that earn miles. Here is the scoop:

1. The lowest level called Signature gives you 1 mile for every dollar. It is $60 per year.
2. If you are a 1K or Global Services, then you can get the $130/year card called the Select. This gives you triple miles when you buy on (so a $5000 ticket gives you 15k miles in addition to what you actually travel on!). And up to 5K EQM when you buy on This is a great choice if you book directly on United as we do alot.
3. The least appealing is Access level which is $275 with the main benefit you get Economy Plus seating for a year and 5K EQM if you spend more than $35K annually. Scaling to 10K if you spend $85K annually.
4. Finally there is Club which costs $375 where you get Red Carpet Club in addition and double miles on If you got 125EQM in 2009, they will give you this membership.

Finally if you are new to the whole thing and have never had a Mileage Plus Visa bons offer, you get 30K miles thrown in.

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