Found Bloodhound 193 and PHP Backdoor in wp-view.php


Well, used the Norton Antivirus that comes free with a Comcast subscription and found the Bloodhound 193 exploit in the Google Chrome cache, so that means my computer got infected that way and also that wp-view.php has the PHP Backdoor which explains how it got onto

So anyone who access since 11 February 2010, should run antivirus right now and get rid of this. So sorry about this. Seems like what probably happened is that one of the Macs I use (which don’t have antivirus on them. duhh, because the advice is not to run that stuff on Macs as they can’t get locally infected got hit) and that caused a bad upload of PHP. I’m guessing, but that is around the time I updated with a new WordPress. Normally I use autoupgrade, but it kept failing. I wonder if this was the problem.

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