There are so many cool cameras out now, so what is a person to do. Well, here are recommendations based on what Rennie has said and I’ve seen:

1. Carry around camera: iPhone HD. Everyone is going to have one, but the best camera is one that is not available but the new iPhone HD that comes in June according to rumors. Just because you will always have it with you.
2. Panasonic Lumic DMC-GF1 with 20MM pancake lense. There is hot competition between this and the Epson EP-2. But it is a micro 4/3 camera with a very fast lense. The sensor is very sensitive so it can take nice photos at ISO 400. It is expensive, but so portable. The nearest competitor is the new Epson EPL-1 which is much less at $600 vs. $800, but has slower autofocus although it has much less noise. This camera delivers a great picture at ISO 400 and with the 20mm F/1.7 lense, it is terrific for indoor and also for large-scale scenario, plus being compact so you can throw it into your laptop bag.
3. Small dSLR: Nikon D90 or Canon EOS 550D. This is actually the sweetspot camera for most serious folks who want a great camera they can carry in their backpack. If you don’t have any lesnes, then I’d say the Nikon D90 right now is the fastest. It is 12MP, but noise is low, the autofocus is amazing and it has exposure detection that uses data from thousands of previous shot so it is incredible at picking the proper exposure. If you get this, you want the ultra wide zoom, a general zoom and then a very fast 35mm fixed lense for low light. If you have Canon lenses, then the new EOS-550D is the right choice. It is 18MP with the newest autofocus. It is just behind the Nikon on everything. Then you need the 12-24mm wide zoom, 35-70mm regular and then the 35mm fixed for low light. This is the right camera for carry around in your backpack.
4. Nikon D7 and Canon 5D Mark II. These are the full frame, incredible quality. Again, the hat tip goes to the Nikon, then the 5D if you already have Canon lenses. Incredible quality and low light performance to ISO3200.

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    Useful tips!

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