Calling overseas

Time once again to review what the cheapest ways to call are:

1. Google Voice. If you have this, you can use your phone and call anywhere in the US for free. But your phones has to be in the US. You can send US text messages for free as well. It is 9 cents per minute to call Vietnam for instance
2. Nobelcom. Still the cheapest way at 6 cents to call Vietnam for instance
3. Skype. The most expensive of the cheap options. Main use is to call the US via a PC if you have wifi anywhere in the world. Of if you want to be called when you get Skype online. Then anyone in the US can call you and you can pick up with your PC
4. Callbacktoday. Recommend by Nobelcom, but you dial from another country into the US and then you get a call back. 9 cents from Vietnam.

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