Well iPhone 4 mean dead iPhone in chinese, but what the heck, mine is on order. July 2 baby. My buddy Bruce points out however that if you want maximum flexibility, in the UK and Canada, they are going to sell unlocked iPhones for unsubsidized price of $600 or so. This is great if you travel and want to put in multiple SIMS. AT&T US has an unsubsidized price where there is no contract but the phone is still unlocked. Now why would you want to do this? Check out Apple Canada

Well, first of all, you can get a phone that work anywhere in the world without roaming charges, although it isn’t dual SIM. Those places have to have a micro SIM or you have to be good with an Xacto knife. The only different between a regular SIM and the new fangled ones is cutting down some plastic.
Second is if you are a heavy data user, it cost $30/month under the old plan, so over two years, that is $720 dollars. And even more with the new plan as it goes to $25/month for 2GB/month and arcs upward. As an alternative, you could now switch to T-mobile which still has the $30/month unlimited option. Now old iPhones are forever allowed to have $30 at least for now, so be careful as you change things. in reality of course the old $30 plans were capped at 5GB, so you get the idea.
Finally, if you just hate getting locked in and would rather pay $600 upfront. For all us dontliketobetiedtoatt.com folks 🙂
As Tech Republic, says, AT&T, the old price was $6/GB, but you couldn’t tether, use it for say your laptop. Their pro plan is $12.50/GB but you can, so a big price increase
T-mobile still has the $30/month “unlimited plan” which does allow it.

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    These are some of the iPhone 4 google suggestions to avoid.
    To see the reset, visit: http://computerrepairservice.net/blog/iphone-4-exchange-2003/

    1. Install Configure Outlook Anywhere within IIS / Exchange. [FALSE] RPC/HTTP : You will view this suggestion all the time on google. Great way to connect your Outlook 2007/2003 clients to your server, but has nothing to do with ActiveSync.

    2. Need AT&T Business Data Plan for Exchange to Sync. [FALSE] Again, save your money. I am not sure why AT&T has this ploy. Their regular data plan works fine with Exchange.

    3. Resetting the IPHONE to factory defaults. [FALSE] Have not seen many times where a factory reset fixed a sync issue.

    4. Exchange 2003 Does not Support iPhone. [FALSE] Nice try! But the iPhone 2.0, 2.2, 3.0, 3.1, 4 works perfectly with Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server.

    5. IMAP Port 143, 993 open on firewall. [FALSE] Old school. You want Activesync working. These ports are not necessary for Activesync. Activesync works over TCP port 443 [you only need one port open on the firewall]

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