Battery Geek

Battery Geek

Well, if you, like me, are just beseiged with things (Rock Band guitars, Apple Mighty Mouse, Remote control toys) that need AA batteries, then you have to get rechargeables, but what are really the best ones. Well, Sanyo Eneloops have really taken over as they don't discharge over time but hold them like Alkaline and they do recharge. If you want to see which is better, then the folks are have done their testing and you can compare. The long and short is that lithium AAs really hold their charge a long time in adverse conditions, so are great for that flashlight you keep in your car. For everyday use, the Eneloops are great (they are about $2.50 each) and the Maha Imedion have longer life as they store 2400 Mah vs. 2000 Mah, but are a little more expensive. 

As an aside, Thomas distributing offers free shipping for orders over $75 and also there are coupons for an additional 5% off around too!


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