Can’t believe how hard this is. If you do this to get on make sure you move fast. If you don’t the login times out (if say you are studying the pass types) and then you end up in limbo and have to call them. What a strange system. So make sure to type fast. nice thing is that the pass allows up to six cars and six passes. But make sure not to lose your account number. That is also another strangeness. Have to have to recover things.

2 responses to “Good to Go..what a site”

  1. john Avatar

    i can’t even get the site to respond for me. i’ve tried for weeks. pretty much a disaster. you have to work really hard to make a site this bad.

    1. rich Avatar

      They truly have a terrible outsourcer. They required everyone who signed up early to redo all their work. Not to mention that the way the actual application works is bad.

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