It’s amazing how costs to dial overseas has collapsed. Here is latest guide tuned for a few sample countries. Calls to and from China, Australia and Vietnam…
Calls out..
Vietnam. Right now the rates are
1. Nobelcom. The most inconvenient as it is a traditional dial around service. You register your cell phone then dial an access number and then the country number 6.5 cents a minute billed in one second increments and prepay on line at This burns minutes so right way to do this is to call this number via Skype application. Or make the Nobelcom number an A list number if you have the right ATT plan b
2. Google voice. You download their app. Then dial. It calls you back and you connect for 9 cents a minute. Does burn minutes though.
3. Skype. You have to buy a $20 a month plan then it costs 10 cents a minute. Makes sense only if you call countries like china alot since those countries are free.
Calls from Vietnam
1. Get a prepaid phone and text people in Us and have them call you at the rates listed above. This is a calling party pays country so you don’t get charged if someone calls you unlike the US.
2. Find a free wifi site and use skype to call the US. Good luck on call quality though 🙂
Calls to china and Australia next…

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