Bike Lust

Back to loving bikes. Went on a few rides and remembered how much I love it. So what’s up since (five years?) in the technology world:

  • Trek Madone 9.6 SSL. It is 100 grams lighter than the 9.6 of 2010. High desire factor. Plus does internal frame routing of the Shimano Di2 and an integrated sensor for cadence and speed.
  • Shimano Di2. Well I haven’t tried it, but everyone says it is amazing (and expensive!). Electronic shifting finally arrives
  • SRM Powermeter. You can get one for this monster bracket that the Trek has. 90mm. Wow that is wide

As usual, eBay is a good place to buy these things used because pros and other bike geeks are always looking for more stuff. There is a Project One Trek Madone on sale right now in the LA area. Someone didn’t want it I guess :_)

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