File Sync and backup

Well a couple of important tools to make sure your disks are healthy:
1. DiskWarrior. Pretty invaluable. You should run it to make sure your file system is healthy.
2. TechTools Deluxe. It doesn’t quite work on Lion yet (at version 3.1.3), but it is free with Applecare. Checks everything
3. Disk Utility. Part of OS X  you should run it to verify disks and repair disks
Now to make sure you have a clean copy
1. Crashplan. it is $50/year, but it automatically in the background copies terabytes up to its servers. Keeps all your old file copies. I even restored and it works across machines
2. Goodsync. I’m testing this, but this is a sync program that connects between say two backup drives and compares them and puts the most recent files on. I used Beyond Compare for years on the PC, but could never find a good one on the Mac. TopTenReviews seems to have the only decent reviews on the Internet for this kind of stuff and recommends it ($20 with a trial) and Syncronos ($50) for the same purpose. Also backs up to any web service as well if you need that.
3. Dropbox. Use this for really important work files as it syncs everywhere. First 2GB is free.
4. Bluehost. For $10 per month, you get unlimited storage, email and web site hosting. I use it also for backup of key date. Now with GoodSync, I can also automatically sync. Before I used filezilla to manually FTP.

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