Home Theaters

Well, finally working through problems with Tivos and so forth and got the home theater running with a Tivo that isn’t connected to cable but does transfer from another tivo (I think BTW, I can now get rid of the yealry subscription on this thing and use it use for viewing Tivo content easily as the transfer thing works pretty well). The main issue with the room is that there is no CATV connection.
Have a PS3 there as well so can use that for both games and also to get Netflix streaming. 
I needed a wired connection so had an old Airport Express lying around and used that but noticed it has a Toslink optical connection, so hooked that in, so now if I can figure out how to make the Nevo Q50 work. I can reprogram it all and get it working. This latter thing is a complete pain. Only runs under windows and is called a professional installation thing, so it is hard to get the software etc. Sigh. Like the Crestron. I loved the Pronto in its day, could hack away to your hearts content!

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