If you don’t want to wear a headset all the time, one alternative is the bluetooth speakerphone. I’ve been using the Motorola T505 for almost two years now and it works pretty well. Main issues are that it is OK loud, but on FM, it is really hard in Seattle because all the channels are taken. And although you can mainly hear, sometimes, the echo cancelling really fails. The best thing is the incredible battery life and the “hockey puck” does last for weeks. You need it to because the weakest part is the USB port. I broke one of the three I have by pressing too hard.
Still technology must have moved ahead and while there are essentially no reviews of it, a quick search of Amazon reviews show that the top models are:

  • Jabra Cruiser2. About the same price as the T505, but speaker is nicer
  • Jabra Freeway. If you have $120 around, this sounds like the way to get lots of good sound quality.
  • Motorola TX500. This is a feature stripped Motorola Roadway
  • Motorola T505. Amaazingly, this is still very highly rated (or maybe that is just sad). 

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