Trip to Maine

Haven’t been there in years but terrific place. Some notes or the early fall. For me anyway falls into three categories
1. Lighthouses.
Nubble Lighthouse. Just inside Maine. On a mini island. Great views and if ur lucky y will meet Bill Hamilton painter.
Two Lights. Great state park. And there is their lobster shack right there. 270 degree views! Near cape Elizabeth.
Rockport harbor. Go to marine park with best spot for pictures. Go to rocklish corner shop for picnic.
Kennebunkport for goat island
Marginal Way. The equivalent of Ocean Drive in Newport. Oggle all those hedge fund billionaires.
2. Lobster.
Two Lights Lobster Shack. Wow view and moat tender and sweet lobsters ever.
Near goat island, try cape porpoise lobster.
At Freeport follow north to route 29. Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster.
3. Local
Portlands own spicy sauce.
Portland observatory. Climb 200 steps and see an amazing view.
LL Bean in Freeport. Need we say more.
Blueberry. The Maine ones r tiny and sweet!
Thunder hole. Get there three hours before high ride. So if high tide is say 930pm. Get there 6pm to watch it.
4. Hiking
From five favorites hikes and Backpacker
Arcadia Mountain. Comes up again and again as the top pick.
Beech Mountain. Up West ridge and down Valley Trail.
Hike on Jordan Cliffs and Bluffs to Penobscot Mountain. Incredible views. 4.3 mile loop
Hike to the Bubbles
Hike to Cadillac Mountain. Only 1500 feet but great views. Take the North Ridge trail as this is a bit easier. 8.8 mile loop.
Hike up Day Mountain. Nice views.

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