Cell coverage

Now with a choice of three carriers for an iPhone, its interesting to see if it makes sense to migrate off the AT&T network. In particular, if you go to Verizon or Sprint, then they will unlock your phone for GSM overseas. Great for us international traveling folks and no more jailbreaking needed!
So how to figure this out:

  • Deadcellzones.com. Kind of a cool site. Just reports where coverage has holes. Seattle looks like swiss cheese for AT&T. Sprint reportedly has the best coverage. In every so flat Miami, most reports are bad zones for AT&T and Verizon. San Francisco justs look terrible for At&T. Verizon and AT&T are both poor in San Diego. But this could also be because there are so few Sprint and T-mobile users, so fewer people complain. NYC looks bad as well.
  • Signalmap.com is nearly a good idea, you report your coverage manually, so you can see how it goes. Heck, this should be an iPhone app that regular reports coverage. Much more useful!
  • Rootmetrics.com. They show maps that somehow convert reports into coverage. Not clear how this works, but shows Sprint is quite good in Seattle

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