Drool, drool the future

Drool, drool the future

So Christmas is nearly here, but what is coming in 2012. Some good thoughts for:
Android Phones
Well they are so popular, I do kind of want to try one. But it is so complicated because of the warious upgrade paths. Heres a good summary of what is happening, but like windows, the big issue is that you don't get updates for hardware with new version of Android. So if you want the version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich release, then you need to wait for the hardware to arrive with it preinstalled.

Here by the way is the release history and who is running what. MOst people are running Gingerbread (a better name might be API Level 10).

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  1. Hello.
    I personally use the Cyanogenmod firmware on my phone.
    If you get any of the supported devices, they will provide you with a very up to date experience and timely updates, without any bloatware, a purely Android firmware.
    They are currently working on porting the latest Android 4, Ice Cream Sandwich to most of their supported phones and tablets.
    Also, updating between releases is very easy with the companion application Rom Manager , free in the Android Market.

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