As just about everything I adding social networks and checkins and so forth in literally drowning in all the feeds.
So here’s richs list of how I at least divide them and here’s a stack of what I did useful…

  1. This Site. I use mainly for posting reviews of in depth areas such as skis and things
  2. Tripadvisor. I use this site quite alot as a good vertical site. Contribute to it mainly for hotels
  3. Yelp. Haven’t written many reviews and it’s a pretty shallow site for the social stuff but my goal is to tart contributing
  4. Facebook. Mainly for me a place to reconnect with various friends I don’t see much. Lots on soccer tournaments and travel information. I check decently often but although a miracle of technology not that interesting unless you really want to broadcast your entire life. Good for asking folks for opinions.
  5. Google+. I check it when I check Facebook but not quite sure what I’m going to use it for.
  6. Twitter. Not sure but I’m certainly using it wrong. Way too many friends. I think I’m going to convert it into a kind of Realtime since so many celebs are there
  7. LinkedIn. Seems to be a site to put up your resume and wait for recruiters to spam you 🙂

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