MacBook maintenance

Our oldest MacBooks (technically the model MB466*/A or late 2008)
at home are 2.5 years old now and a long way from 2008 when we got them. Here are some of the issues and solutions
1. Dying hard drives. Just a warning they are removable but if you screw them in tight they slowly fail. Final solution is a $125 120gb ssd from newegg. Super fast using the great controller but according ssdreview but finally got sandforce controller based mushing because I hadn’t seen the ssdreview of the adata s511 at $180. it’s a bit techie but to use it properly you need to enable trim on it.
2. Battery. After 400 cycles you get the dreaded battery warning. Need to take to apple store but at least the battery replacement is less than $200.
3. Case. They are getting dinged up nthe current speck MacBook pro case fits and has nice accents. and the current MacBook pro casses work for these older models per the fit guide.
As an aside the $50 macbook air case looks great but cracked in the back. Oh well sleek but not durable.

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