Its getting sunny, so I discovered I like the clubs i got last year thanks to the internet which are:

  • Mizuno JPX-800 set. 4-9 iron plus 44 loft, 6 bounce pitching wedge and 49 loft, 7 bounce gapping wedge  (their follow-on the JPX-800HDs are still tops)
  • Adams. 3 Hybrid
  • Taylormade R11. Mainly because it was half off 🙂
  • Odyssey White Ice Dart

Not sure its made me a great golfer, but the equipment sure makes it easier. So to finish filling out the bag, here is what I need according to a few of my instructors and the web and intermediates:

  • 1 wood or driver (have this). 10-13 of loft, for whatever reason woods are typically just odd numbered
  • 4 wood. 16-17 degree loft
  • 5 wood. 18-19 loft
  • 3 hybrid (have this 19), but basically a 5 wood and 2 iron have the same loft and you choose a hybrid to get something easier to hit than a iron (with its small face) or a wood (because it has a shorter shaft) and has a range in between an iron and a wood
  • 4 hybrid (22 loft)
  • Wedges. Wow how technical can you get there is both loft and bounce (loft is angle to ball, bounce is angle to the ground). High bounce is good for lush greens and low bounce for the dry). Golfsmith says you want 4-5 degrees between each wedge so next ones for me are a sand wedge in the 54 range and a lob wedge in the 59 with standard bounce in the 10 to 14 degree range

Basically the idea is the true irons you should just play up to a 6 and then use these specialized clubs and in looking at reviews. Golf Digest and Golf Magazine have their lists with Golf Magazine more relevant as it rates by type of player rather than absolute

  • 4, 5 wood. Golf Magazine top-rated the Ping G20 $199 list (Golf Digest gave it 5/5, liked the  Titleist 910 best, an advanced club, $250 street) and liked the Cobra Baffler T-Rail, Callaway RAZR-X Black $199 list  and Ping i20. Most shops have it for $199.
  • 4 hybrid. Golf Magazine top rated the 2012 Tour Edge Exotics XCG-5. $199 lis and also liked the  the Cobra Baffler T-Rail. Golf Digest loved the TaylorMade RocketBallz Rescue Tour for the advanced player and said the Tour Edge Exotics was 5 out of 5 in performance a very forviing
  • Wedges 54 and 58 loft. Golf Magazine doesn’t rate them but Golf Digest just adored the Titlelist Voeky SM4 Wedge $130 street, $150 list. And I’d need two a 54 loft, 11 bounce sand wedge  and a 58 loft 9 bounce lob wedge

So either check out and see if you can get 7% off (true with the Tour edge Exotics XCG-5) or go to to get 7% off. Alternatively look at last years clubs (as clubs don’t seem to change much) and get a big discount on last year’s model:

  • 4, 5 wood. Golf Digest like the Ping G15 for performance and liked the Taylormade R11 as a second best with 4.5/5 stars or the superbig Taylormade Burner Superfast which has a similar rating. The R11 would go with the R11 driver I got last year.
  • 4 hybrid. The Adams Idea Tech V3 was last year’s best which would go with the 3 hybrid I got last year.
  • 54 and 58 loft wedges. Titlst Vokey Spin MIlled CC was by far the best.

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