Deep in photos and jpgs


OK, did a 360 panaroma view with Hugin. Pretty amazing quality. As a side note Photoshop has a JPG compressor. There are three entries, Standard, Standard optimized and progressive. Pick standard (optimized is actually higher compression apparently) for most compatibility, optimized makes slightly smaller ones. I've actually found the difference between standard and optimized to be pretty large. About 30%. Not sure why. The other option is degree of compression. Given all the space on hard disks, I normally choose 12 which is maximum file size. This makes files that are about half the size of a .CR2 raw and about 10x smaller than the TIF.

"Baseline ("Standard") to use a format recognizable to most Web browsers. 
Baseline Optimized to optimize the color quality of the image and produce a slightly smaller file size. This option is not supported by all Web browsers. 
Progressive to create an image that displays gradually as it is downloaded--in a series of scans (you specify how many) showing increasingly detailed versions of the entire image. Progressive JPEG images files are slightly larger in size, require more RAM for viewing, and are not supported by all applications and Web browsers."

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