Camcorders 2012

I have used a bunch of camcorders. Starting with the old Hi-8 type, then a hard disk-based camcorder for a while from Sony. For the last few years, I’ve been using my Canon 5D Mark II as a camcorder for kids events which has been ok, but I sure do miss the automatic focus and even with a stereo microphone (my Rode which has been so brittle with the mount breaking twice) and a 2x loupe, it has worked decently, but certainly isn’t compact. 
Now with all this new technology, I’ve been debating what the next set is and the hope is that I’ll be able to use a more compact ILC for many things and either use a new dSLR with enough features to really be a good camcorder or get a dedicated camcorder. So here is a view of what is out there:

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