Gamer PC Power Supply Kingwin LZP-1000 Platinum

Well power supplies don’t seem to have changed much. People are still using ATX connectors and so forth. In fact I have a relatively quiet 750W ATX power supplly around somewhere from five years ago and it seems like it should work. But Tom’s Hardware and did a overview of the issues there which are […]

Gamer PC Cases NZXT Switch 810

The biggest issue with cases is having something that is small but big enough to work in. And if you are going to liquid cooling, something that can actually handle a huge radiator. Tom’s Hardware did a great review of full sized ATX cases that are actually big enough to put a three fan radiator […]

Gamer PC Cooling with Swiftech Edge H200-320 or even an Puget Systems Aquarium with Noctua NH-D14

I’ve always wanted to build a watercooled case. A few years ago, I wanted to build a silent PC and loved, but now with water cooling becoming much more turnkey, it makes some sense to go all water cooled and make your machine silent overclockable. Tom’s Hardware has a pretty good guide, but the […]

Gamer PC Memory with Mushkin Redline 993997 DDR3-2133 or G.Skill F3-2400

Time once again to learn the in’s and out’s of memory which right now is SDRAM DDR3, but the basic facts are that you can overclock memory a little and in most benchmarks, once you go from vanilla DDR3-1333 to DDR3-2133, you have had a huge improvement in performance at a relatively low cost. If […]

Gamer PC Keyboards with Razer Black Widow Ultimate

Well, the world is turning back a little. For the true gamer, you can either get a keyboard full of extra keys for macros or go old school and get mechanical keys. These are the old IBM Selectric or original IBM PC keyboards (I wish I kept mine). They go clack, clack, but they feel […]

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