The biggest issue with cases is having something that is small but big enough to work in. And if you are going to liquid cooling, something that can actually handle a huge radiator. Tom’s Hardware did a great review of full sized ATX cases that are actually big enough to put a three fan radiator (3x120mm).
The NZXT Switch has enough room at the top for a full 3x120mm configuration and is easy to work with so a pretty easy choice to install the semicustom cooler. Of course, if you go Aquarium PC, then you don’t need any case at all 🙂

They also did a full test so you can see how the cooling performance is running at absolute full speed is 56C for the CPU and for two SLI GTX580s they are running at 52C. These are not directly comparable to other benchmarks which used a different processor.

This is a test with everything running at once to give you a sense of the whole system. It says the systems are decently loud, but again hard to compare but the NZXT is definitely quieter at load.

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