Well, the world is turning back a little. For the true gamer, you can either get a keyboard full of extra keys for macros or go old school and get mechanical keys. These are the old IBM Selectric or original IBM PC keyboards (I wish I kept mine). They go clack, clack, but they feel great. Not much to differentiate beyond this difference between today’s rubber and yesterdays, mechanical, but here are some choices according to Tom’s Hardware. Interesting stuff also reading how the old PS/2 interface is better than the USB interface at least theoretically for multi key detection and speed and lots of good discussions about the various types of Cherry switches 🙂

  • Das Keyboard. Probably one of the original makers, you don’t have the mushy rubber cap key feel of modern ones.
  • Razer Black Widow Ultimate. It is illuminated and costs more than some cheap computers, but good for gaming

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