Well if you want to do composing and music, it is great to have a keyboard that plugs into your computer. Here’s what you can think about getting thanks the well named musiconmypc.com:

  1. Decide how many keys you need. A smaller 49 key will take you well into intermediate, but if you know how to play a full sized 88 key keyboard is nice.
  2. A personal keyboard plays without the computer, while a less expensive controller requires a computer to play. Not having to turn it on is nice.
  3. Touch sensitive or weighted action. Weighted action is more like a piano. More expensive but more realistic.

The category is also confusing so here is a decoder ring:

  1. Controllers or MIDI keyboard. These just send to a computer and it does the sound.
  2. Digital piano. These are really big and sound like, well, a piano or they can be keyboard sized like those used in rock concerts.
  3. Portable keyboard. Sounds comes out but they are less than 88 keys usually
  4. Synthesizer. Make a huge range of sounds

So what are some choices? Musicradar.com reviews these things and says:

  • Fender Rhodes
  • Arturia Wurlitzer V. Along with the Fender, two of the big names in digital pianos
  • M-Audio Axiom 49. $450 for a USB MIDI keyboard

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