Ok, so maybe I shook some confidence, but the we got the Aquarium PC to boot for the first time. It’s been five years since I’ve built a computer and this one with its 1000 watt power supply had me a bit worried. Fire extinguisher at the ready and it worked!
You can see the boot screen and also the PC open at the right. I’d send the actual video of me yelling, “Yes, it booted!” but I’m a little embarrassed.

Next steps are:

  1. Getting a RAID 0 array to work from the BIOS across a pair of Samsung 830 256GB drives.
  2. Installing an after market Noshua DH-14 cooler installed as we just had the stock Intel cooler
  3. Getting the three monitors installed and working
  4. Getting Borderland 2 running
  5. Doing some overclock testing to make sure the various components overclock correctly and stably to 4.4GHz (:-)
  6. Getting four more fans and some cool looking lights
  7. Getting the fan control to work right across nine fans in the radiator
  8. Finding an external low lip tub so that if the aquarium fails there is containment
  9. Getting then 108 pounds (12 gallons) of horse laxative
  10. Dunking the whole mess in and seeing if it still works 🙂

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