Our TiVo HD runs like a charm (well OK, two of the three boxes have died with hard disk failures. Now our TiVo Premiere keeps hanging. I think it has a disk problem after the Olympics, but who knows. TiVos are IMHO amazingly unstable, but still easy to use. I may someday finally be able to switch away from them to a Mac Mini running MythTV to HD HomeRun Prime but I’m not holding my breath. So it would be nice to fix this. A Search of the web reveals a massive two year post on this problem (?!!!). So I’m trolling through suggestions. Here is one…
While we do not have any known solutions for freezes like this, we do have a work around I would like you to try to see if it works for you. If the TiVo box becomes unresponsive, I would like you to key in the following sequence on the remote to reboot just the interface rather than the entire TiVo box. That sequence is Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Play, Play. It should take about 30 seconds, but should bring back functionality to you. If it does work, then we are looking at one of the bugs that we are still trying to hammer out in the interface. We have resolved most of these issues, but for some customers the problem persists. We are continuing work on them to get a resolution out to our customers as soon as possible.
via Stops Responding to Remote Commands – Page 2 – TiVo Community.

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