Skiing 2013

Well, its raining and another season is starting. Now that Skiing Magazine has changed their review criteria and doesn’t print any numbers at all, so our traditional system of using them doesn’t work.

  1. Atomic Bent Chetler. Editors choice for powder ski. to still does though and here are their 123mm underfoot but with its reverse camber you can ski it anywhere. 17.3/20. Carving: 3.6, Playfulness: 4.8, Stability: 3.9, Float: 5.0. Reportedly shares a factory with the Armada JJ (although theyve changed the names of all their skis for 2013, so not sure what a JJ is anymore).
  2. Salomon Rocker2 122. 2012/13 pick. This one also works as an every day ski even though it is huge underfoot. Overall 16.38/20, Carving: 3.50, Playfulness: 4.00, Stability: 4.00, Float: 4.88
  3. Salomon Squad 7. A new ski for 2012/13, this one really is an all mountain ski at 120mm. Overall 17.08/20, Carving: 3.86, Playfulness: 3.79, Stability: 4.43, Float: 5.00
  4. Atomic Automatic. 2013 and 2012 editors pick. Somewhere between the 123mm Bent Chetler and narrower ski. Overall 15.91/20, Carving: 3.64, Playfulness: 4.00, Stability: 3.91, Float: 4.36
  5. Salomon Rocker2 92. 2012/13 pick, a real all mountain ski. Overall 17.40/20 Carving: 4.40, Playfulness: 4.00, Stability: 4.40, Swingweight: 4.60

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