Apple notes


Few quick things about Apple:

  • Well it turns out that the "Fusion" drive technology works old Macs and across any SSD and any hard drive if you create a proper "storage" group with diskutil command line. Also you can use ZFS on top of it. Of course I can't figure out how to ZFS (no easy instructions), but this would be an awesome thing for old iMacs (like mine). Figure out a way to get a fast SSD plugged in and you are off and to the races. Reminds me that CoreStorage is a big deal for Apple as is getting ZFS running for me 🙂
  • iPad Mini reviews are in and they like it. I'm actually thinking the ideal combo of devices might be the iPhone (as a phone), iPad Mini (for email and games) and a MacBook Air (for typing). So maybe Apple is right a little more expensive but way better. Main comments are super light and easy to hold. (BTW had a change to hold and try a Surface, wow amazing how something the same size can feel so different vs an iPad).
  • Finally, looks like a big realignment at Apple. I take it as good that the hardware design guys are going to try to make the visual look and feel of iOS and OS X better and also that someone took a hit for Siri and Maps.

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