Oracle VM VirtualBox

It is pretty clear that the world is moving to virtual machines and also phone and tablet front-ends. And it is amazing what you can do to study it yourself.

MacBook and MacBook Air Life Extension

We’ve been using MacBooks so long now that quite a few are past their three year Apple warranty period and unlike PCs, they are still in remarkably good shape. So

Gamer PC Radiator Fan Control xOxide 71133 Y-Cable 3Pin Molex to 3x 3Pin Molex 60cm and ModMyToys and Phobya PCI Slot Cover

Mid-range Liquid Cooling, Automated radiator fan control. – Cooler-and-Heatsinks – Overclocking. I’ve always just tied my fans to headers on the motherboard and then used something like Speedfan to control

DVD Backup

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but Handbrake still works. The only trick is setting the encoding, I like to use X.264 and says to use RF

Rock Band

Well this has been kind of an on and off again thing, but we’ve had Rock Band 2, 3 and Beatles for a while but hated paying for DLC content


Apple. Now that is a class act. Love the video memorial of Steve…

Canon EOS M review and analysis of Camera platforms.

Canon EOS M review: was Canon’s first mirrorless ILC worth the four-year wait? — Engadget. Well, the EOS M is a long time in coming and a long way late.

The GTX 670 Overclocking Master-Guide

Well overclocking has gotten in much easier. The ASUS P8Z77-V includes a utility that does overclocking for you automagically. And with parts like the Intel iCore 5 3570K, it allows


a friendly guide for building ZFS based SAN/NAS solutions ยป ZFS Build. Reminds me that Bob has said that while I use DroboPro on a Mac Mini and a Synology

Stops Responding to Remote Commands – Page 2 – TiVo Community

Our TiVo HD runs like a charm (well OK, two of the three boxes have died with hard disk failures. Now our TiVo Premiere keeps hanging. I think it has