Rock Band

Well this has been kind of an on and off again thing, but we’ve had Rock Band 2, 3 and Beatles for a while but hated paying for DLC content and never really research how to use it. But here are the little tricks. I can see sort of why this franchise has died. It isn’t just the loss of interest in buying $200 peripherals, it is also the incredible prices of the songs.

  1. There are 84 songs in Rock Band 2, if you don’t want to unlock them all, there is a magic incantation to get them all running without playing. You go to the Options/Modify Game menu and get your guitar and hit the buttons, Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue quickly.
  2. If you have Rock Band 2, there is an incredible obscure way to get an additional 20 songs. You have to first go to and register, then you have to register at the playstation network (you know the one that was hacked so badly a year or so ago). Get all these logins in sync then go to the Playstation/Account Management/Redeem Codes and then run the download manager. I haven’t used PSN much but it is deep and confusing for sure! Then you download, it appears a bubble in the Games menu then you install. Wow, can it be more complicated?
  3. You can transfer songs from Rock Band 2 to Rock Band 3. We’ve been stupidly just loading different disks. It is complicated and not all songs import for some reason (licensing?) and it costs $10 to do???

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