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Great Binoculars | The Wirecutter

If I needed binoculars for zeroing in on birds, fireworks or the people in the building across the street, I’d get the Nikon Monarch 8x42mm. The glasses cost about $250, but you could spend a lot more and have little to show for it, or spend a little less to lose a lot. The Monarch’s rugged, waterproof design, and its light weight and superb optical clarity under all types of lighting, have earned high praise from ornithologists, hobbyists and retailers alike. likes these too.

A Gifting Guide For Weird and Wonderful Humans | The Wirecutter

Click and Grow — $60

I don’t quite understand people who can’t take care of plants. But I also feel bad for people who can take care of plants but travel a lot. These electronic boxes manage watering automatically, and even remind you to refill the water reservoir. Extraseed packs, which range from thyme and mini tomatoes to flowers, are $20.

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