Well we were nearly done and I was resetting the automatic ASUS overclock and on the first reboot, the SSD reports that it lost the operating system. Didn’t have disk repair utilities and the so had to reinstall.
Why is it that Windows 7 requires six hours to install. I can’t believe that it needs so many intermediate installs to get to Windows 7 SP1. Geez. And then loading Office is just as complicated.
Finally, ASUS could do a much better job of driver updating. The way to keep it up to date for all the utilities is just to ASUS Suite II and this loads everything, but there doesn’t appear to be any simple way to load all the many drivers and it isn’t clear if Windows update picks them up. The BIOS is also a little confusing, you have to go to the ASUS Suite and run update to get the latest BIOS.
My country for a Windows 7 SP1 original disk.

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