Fanless HTPC makes a good building block for a pump only mineral PC…


Well finding something completely fanless would be a great thing in a mineral-oil PC. No fans makes things much simpler.
AnandTech - Streacom's FC10 and Nano150: Building a Fanless Ivy Bridge HTPC

HTPC enthusiasts often place a lot of emphasis on silent systems for obvious reasons. We have looked at systems with passive thermal solutions before, but never presented the build process for one. Back in May, we had covered Streacom's announcement of the fanless FC9 and FC10 chassis. With support for passive cooling of CPUs with a TDP of up to 95 W and a sleek industrial design. This thing is decent except it doesn't accept fanless PSUs so is limited to about 150 watts, not good enough for a gamer,

Welcome to Seasonic USA

Silence defines the X-400 & the X-460 power supplies. Taking advantage of the benefits derived from the 80PLUS GOLD level of efficiency and the use of high-grade components, these power supplies run cool and run silent, perfect for your Home Theater PC (HTPC) and other applications where “silence is golden”. Pretty neat to be completely fanless and still run a GTX-670 and an overclocked 3570K.

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