MacBook Air ssd

We have one of the original MacBook airs (2009) and it is sloooow. Geeksbench verifies that is running about 2500 compared with a modern MacBook Air (2011) running at 5000. The main issue though a the hard disk. It just grinds along. Can take minutes for it to boot.
Other world computing offer an expensive $200 ssd upgrade option but we had a feeling it would help. It does! It feels so much more responsive. Word now boots in 5 seconds vs 3 minutes.
Blackmagic disk benchmarking shows the drive now reads at 180Mps and writes at 150MBps. That’s faster than our iMac in real world. Mainly because of disk fragmentation I suspect.
Just beware that the kit they supply has tools but it is easy to strip the screws. As they r tiny and the screw driver is too. I should have used my own. I ended up stripping a screw.
Also the video on the site is not quite accurate for our 2009 MacBook. One component is actually built into the frame of the hard drive so u have to cut it out.
Since I stripped a screw we actually had to cut the drive frame out. And it is very tight fit. U have to bend the ribbon cable for the drive in half. I hope it lasts! And push hard as the replacement drive is 2-3mm longer than the original. So I don’t know about durability.
But in the end this 2gb MacBook Air probably got another 2 years of life as a good light word processing and web machine. Not bad.

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