Nikon Coolpix A

Well like the Ricoh GR, this is a APS-C sensor with a fixed F/2.8 lense. DXOMark just tested it and found that it produced a 13P-Mpix which is pretty amazingly good for a 16M APS-C sensor. It is fixed focus, so really a carry around for someone who wants a wide angle fixed focus.
If you have the cash ($3K!), you can get the Sony RX-1 which is a full frame 24MP sensor with a 18P-Mpix rating on a fixed lenses. That is pretty incredible dSLR full frame quality. But of course, it costs as much as a D600 plus a great lense, so I’m not sure it is an obvious buy, but it is cool and small. Would go great with your Rolex ๐Ÿ™‚

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