This would be a big move on Sony’s part, wish that their lenses were better (thanks to Scott for explaining that lenses are as important as bodies!)
Mirrorless Rumors

Matrix agent’s would say…It was inevitable MR-Anderson! Panasonic and Samsung dropped the DSLR world, Olympus will do it soon. So, what is Sony going to do? According to very reliable sources Sony is going to transform their A-mount cameras in pure mirrorless by getting rid of both the classic mirror and their unique semitransparent (or translucent) mirror tech. Some of you may wonder why at that point Sony is not going the E-mount route only. Apparently the A-mount mirrorless will keep the DSLR form size while E-mount cameras will focus on compact size. Plus, A-mount camera have on sensor stabilization while the E-mount has not.
The first A-mount mirrorless cameras will come in early 2014. Now let’s see how long it takes until Canon and Nikon will get “serious” with mirrorless too!

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