Well shopping for a monitor for work and the big question is shouldn’t we just get a flat screen instead. If the environment is light controlled, it seems like the latest generation of projectors is probably the way to go. And if you can stand waiting, this new generation 4K projectors is just coming on line ($20K and up). As an aside, he talks about the 5020e, but you want the 5020 instead as you don’t really need wireless HDMI.
An Awesome Projector | The Wirecutter

I recently reviewed the Epson and two of its major competitors, the Sony VPL-HW50ES and the JVC DLA-X35, for Sound+Vision magazine. In my review, I said of the Epson, “The light output of the 5020e is so much greater than anything else in its price category that it’s hard to judge it past that point. Yes, the color isn’t as good as on the Sony. Yes, the contrast isn’t as good as on the JVC. But… that light. The fact that in Dynamic mode its contrast is good and its color acceptable makes the Epson a remarkable projector. There are no bad choices in this trio, but if the Sony is a BMW M3 and the JVC a Porsche 911, then the 5020e is a Corvette ZR-1. Not as well rounded as the Sony or as precise as the JVC, but 638 horsepower (i.e., 60 ftL brightness) makes you forget and forgive a lot.” The Epson got a Certified and Recommended Award (though so did the also excellent JVC and Sony, which we’ll discuss later).

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