Sigma rising

Sigma has been really doing a great job lately and the coolest thing now is that you can download firmware into their lenses at home rather than needing a factory adjustmnet – Photo/video thoughts from the largest rental house

I am certain, though, that Sigma Photo, Inc. has changed a lot in that time. Truth is, they’re making serious waves in the photo industry these last few years. They’ve improved their repair service and quality assurance. They’ve released some world-class lenses at way less than world-class prices lately. – Photo/video thoughts from the largest rental house

And now they’ve released their USB dock and Optimization Pro software. I’ve spent the weekend playing with it. Partly because I really think this is a revolutionary product, partly because if I didn’t have an “I’ve really got to do this for work, honey” excuse I’d have been restaining the deck.
My conclusion, as usual, first: if anything is going to get the attention of those who like to disable features in firmware, overprice lenses, and limit our ability to customize, this might be it. I did some adjustments this weekend, in about 10 minutes, which would have required a trip to factory service on a Canon or Nikon lens. An let me stop the Fanboy stuff before it starts: you may never have needed to make this adjustment on your 10 or 20 Canon or Nikon lenses, but I’ve sent dozens of them in for factory service adjustments for exactly the issue I’m going to demonstrate today.

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