In looking at how alternatives to DxO and Adobe which are both ramping prices like crazy ($180 a year in DxOs case with forced upgrades and of course Adobe does the same. The Australian site says that Raw Therapee is not a bad free substitute. It includes per camera lense distortion correction (my favorite feature of DxO) althought it isn’t clear if it does lense/body correction of image softness as well. If you look at Imatest you realize a really smart program would invert the softness as well as the geometric distortion.
RawTherapee 4.0.11 – Photo Review

Like almost all raw processors (proprietary and open source) RawTherapee 4.0.11 uses dcraw (another open source conversion program) to decode raw images – although not to process them. When dcraw adds support for a new camera, RawTherapee will also be updated. Readers with programming expertise can find out more about decoding raw images from this website:, which has been set up by Dave Coffin, the developer of dcraw.

The Editor toolbar provides five preview modes to help you tweak images. (They are also available via keyboard shortcuts.) Only one preview mode can be engaged at a time and options available include separate previews for the red, green, blue and luminosity channels plus a focus mask preview for seeing which areas are in focus.

Sharpening in RawTherapee can be done by two methods: Unsharp Mask (USM) or RL Deconvolution. Unsharp masking uses the standard adjustment parameters of Radius, Amount and Threshold but the software allows you to apply it to only edges to prevent over-sharpening of noise-affected areas. You can set the edge tolerance (how much a pixel has to differ from its neighbour to be considered as an edge) and engage Halo Control to minimise halo effects around bright areas.

RL Deconvolution applies a filter that counteracts Gaussian blur. You can define the Radius of the Gaussian blur you want to remove and use the Damping slider to prevent sharpening of noise on smooth areas. Since deconvolution requires several Iterations for success, the number of iterations is also adjustable.
Noise Reduction adjustments rely on wavelets and a Fourier transform and this is one tool that requires 100% magnification to see the effects. Separate sliders are provided for controlling Luminance (brightness) and Chrominance (colour) noise as well as ‘Delta Chrominance’ sliders for the red and blue channels.

The Colour Management section is designed for use with ICC and Adobe DCP profiles.  The default setting is auto matched to the camera-specific profile, which works when the camera can be retrieved automatically from the /dcpprofiles  or /iccprofiles  directory in the computer.  Users can also specify a custom DCP or ICC camera input profile.

Demosaicing with AMaZE (Aliasing Minimization and Zipper Elimination) is the default method, as it yields the best results in most cases. 

RawTherapee supports RX100 Raw Files: Sony Cyber-shot Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

Much weird. Very little contrast and a magenta fog everyware ..

  • You need a custom color profile (tab “Color”, custom).

You can use either adobes dcp profile for NEX-7
or the custom made rx100_dcrawreference_bl199_gm_wp14.icm included in the link below. I made it using the cc24 target raw shots from Imaging Resource and Coca sofware.

  • You need to set the correct Black Level wich is +199.

Because RT supports changing BlackLevels from -50 to +50 you need a partial profile with only the black level settings. It’s Sony_rx100_BlackLevel199.pp3 in the link below

  • Save it in the “profiles” directory.

  • Load it just after opening a rx100 raw with the button “processing profiles”

  • Choose your settings. Some settings reset the Black Levels to the max of +50. In this case reload Sony_rx100_BlackLevel199.pp3. It will only change the Black Level settings to 199. To be on the safe side reload it again just before saving.

RawTherapee supports RX100 Raw Files: Sony Cyber-shot Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

Newer RT builds support RX100 without the need of the “hack” (the partial pp3).
Try one of these …
There is a possibility that RT users might find my provided icm profile better than the RT’s internal … I’d like to read opinions …
Because this icm profile was built with black levels at 199 instead of Dcraw’s 192 its better to set the black levels at +7.

RawTherapee supports RX100 Raw Files: Sony Cyber-shot Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

There is no LensCorrectionProfile available yet.
To check auto distortion correction you can use this chart ..

Auto distortion correction tries to emulate the already applied correction at the (embeded in the raw file) jpeg preview file. It’s experimental and the result depending on each models characteristics is not always correct.

RawTherapee supports RX100 Raw Files: Sony Cyber-shot Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

A new color profile to try against Adobe’s Sony DSC-RX100 Adobe Standard.dcp

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